Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fernhill Wetlands

If it's a lovely day and we somehow don't already have plans, Jasper always wants me to drive out to Fernhill Wetlands.  He might not have found it so interesting a few years ago, but now the birds fascinate him.  It's quite the birding spot!  There are people who set out birdseed, and on this visit, a pair of nutria had found some on the edge of the water.  Jasper discovered that if he sat quite still, the nutria were undaunted by his presence and felt free to nibble under his gaze.  
Nutria.  Photo by Jasper.
You can see the nutria's orange teeth, with an iron coating for extra nibble power.   Photo by Jasper.
The second nutria was much more cautious.  It took much longer to approach.
Maybe a female brewer's blackbird?
I can't find a species quite like this duck.  I tend to suspect a  domestic/wild hybrid.
Northern pintail.
Northern pintail.
Mallard pair.
Ring-necked ducks.
Ring-necked duck.
Northern pintail.
Resting tundra swans.
A huge nest, probably for bald eagles.
Long-toed salamander.
Long-toed salamander.
Jasper spotted raccoon prints.
Northern shovelers.
Red-winged blackbird.

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