Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Jasper!

Jasper and his grandma.
My baby is eight!  Wow!  Every year around the time of his birthday the Andisheh Center  has been throwing a big bash at Oaks Park to welcome in the Persian New Year.  The New Year begins at the moment of the Vernal Equinox, but before that, on the Eve of Red Wednesday, bonfires are lit.  It is most auspicious to jump over the fire and say a phrase in Farsi that asks for the old (yellow) to be taken and the new (red) to be given to you in the New Year.  Like new years are celebrated all over the world, the idea is to cast aside anything negative from the old year and aspire to better things in the new year. Jasper loves this tradition and, with all the other kids, jumps over the fires over and over and over...   My own birthdays seem to slip by.  But Jasper's birthdays fill me with emotion, both a deep sadness at how fast he is becoming an adult and a deep and abiding joy to see this marvelous person blooming before my eyes!  I am so intensely grateful for all the time we have spent together. My husband and I could never have known such happiness without the experience of watching him grow and thrive.