Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fur Trapper Encampment

Champoeg State Park has some first-rate living history events.  We went there to see a dedicated bunch of reenactors present a fur trapper's encampment of the sort that would have been right there in Champoeg in the days of the Hudson's Bay Company.  Champoeg is where a provisional government later began, establishing Oregon as a territory of the United States.  So it is a fitting place to learn about Oregon history.  

Replica clay pipes of the sort once sold by Hudson's Bay Company.  Pipe stems from exactly the same type of pipe are a common archeological find at Champoeg.  
Typical possessions of a fur trapper. It seems heavy for a nomadic lifestyle, but the fur trappers relied on horses and donkeys.
A fur trapper's camp with a display of pelts.  Fur trappers in the Pacific Northwest trapped not only beavers but pretty much any fur bearing animal of any size.
Getting a whiff of castoreum, from the scent glands of beavers.  Trappers used it to bait beaver traps.
Demonstrating how to set a beaver trap.
Demonstrating how to make lead shot.
Jasper got a chance to toss a tomahawk. 

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