Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Burke Museum

Skull of an African Kirk's dik-dik. Doesn't it have personality?
We visited the Burke Museum in Seattle while The Big Draw was taking place.  A mural was being created on the floor in the lobby, which was taking on epic proportions as the image got crazier and crazier. And supplies were being given out so that visitors could wander the galleries and draw to their heart's content.  Through October 26 is an exhibit called "Imagine That.  Surprising Stories and Amazing Objects from the Burke Museum."  It's really neat.  Not only does it highlight some unusual and fascinating objects, it gives a great overview of the scope and size of their collections and what use its put to behind the scenes.  I am so glad to have discovered this gem of a natural history museum here in the Pacific Northwest.

Jasper adds to the mural.
Detail of the scene, originally a skyline of Seattle.
A terror bird.
Confiscated and desiccated sea horses.  I remember seeing them in Chinese
apothecaries years ago- apparently their use in medicine is causing their endangerment.
A freezer displays some of the 60,000 samples of genetic material owned by the Burke.
A preserved octopus.
Snake skeleton.
Models of horned toad species.
Visitors are invited to tell the world what they collect.
Stellar sea lion skull.
An ofrena for the Day of the Dead.

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