Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chanterelle Mushroom Foraging

Jasper finds chanterelle #1.
We went on a chanterelle hunt with the Oregon Mycological Society.  Once again we went to the Tillamook State Forest.  This time, the foraging spot our guide chose was not heavily picked.  But it had far fewer mushrooms than it might have in previous years because this fall has not been very rainy so far.  We found a grand total of one chanterelle in our first hour.  Then in our second hour, after deciding that we were thoroughly ready to give up, we suddenly found a small clump.  Upon closer inspection, we found 46 mushrooms in one small area!  It was very exciting!  We had a lovely mushroomy dinner.  Their fall mushroom show is happening today, 12PM-5PM in Miller Hall of the World Forestry Center!  It will have stunning mushroom displays, mushroom growing kits for sale at great prices, info on mushroom id, dying with mushrooms, mushroom recipes, mushroom id books, etc.  Check it out: 
Jasper found this lovely, huge shrimp russula. 
Some neato mushrooms gathered by all the foragers.

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