Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lunar Eclipse

We were so excited to see a total lunar eclipse!  We felt very lucky that although cloudy skies are to be expected here 9 months out of the year, this eclipse happened on a totally clear night.  None of us remember having seen one before. It was interesting to see how the color of the moon changed as the eclipse proceeded. As it began, the moon became a crescent. But as most of the moon became covered by the earth's shadow, the whole moon actually became more visible.  The light it gave off was dim and red.  It was really beautiful!  I felt so lucky to be homeschooling my son, because we could safely awaken him in the middle of the night to see this stunning phenomena knowing that it was not going to ruin his school day; we could just let him sleep in.  

If you want to stay updated on cool sky phenomena, EarthSky is a great place to look.  They offer free subscriptions which will deliver updates to your email box on a regular basis.  Coming up later this month is a partial solar eclipse on the afternoon of October 23.  There will be a free public viewing at OMSI: which is definitely worthwhile. You can't look directly at the sun of course, so you can either purchase special solar viewing glasses at OMSI or online (they look like the red/blue 3D glasses but have silver lenses instead) or you can make a solar viewer from boxes. 

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