Friday, October 17, 2014

Mohican State Park

While visiting Jasper's Grandma, we took a short hike at Mohican State Park. We began at a covered bridge, wandered through lovely woods with a stream stuffed with salamanders, and came to dramatic sandstone cliffs with a small trickle of water spraying down. This is Big Lyons Falls.  The walls are completely covered with carved graffiti, both new and old.  On the way back we stopped to explore the fire tower which still stands in the park.  You can climb the stairs but the trapdoor is locked.  This time I let Jasper to the climbing and I gazed up.

Mushroom with visiting ant.  Photo by Jasper.
Grub.  Photo by Jasper.
Salamander. Photo by Jasper.
End-band net-wing beetle.  Photo by Jasper.
Caterpillar. Photo by Jasper.
Caterpillar. Photo by Jasper.
Millipede. Photo by Jasper.
Caterpillar. Photo by Jasper.
Daddy long-legs. Photo by Jasper.
Lady's thumb.
Eastern American toad.
Covered bridge.
Fire tower.

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