Friday, October 10, 2014

Oregon International Air Show

The Oregon International Air Show...crazy airplane stunts...awesome military power...paratroopers with fireworks...airplanes with fireworks...yet more fireworks...pyrotechnics!  What more could you ask for?  It's always so hot during the day and you have to wait between acts, so we go to the Friday evening show instead when it's cooler and there are no delays between acts.  Plus, did I mention there are fireworks?  We always take the Max to avoid the traffic jams.  And it's always worth it.  In recent years they've obviously been trying to avoid an overlap with the Renaissance festival that takes over the Washington County Fairgrounds for a month and a half.  Next year the air show will be in July, and the Blue Angels will be back.  
The Harrier.  It's easy to get a nice photo as it hovers in midair.  They said it can take off vertically, but they don't do that at the Hillsboro Airport because it would melt the asphalt. 
A member of the Golden Knights parachute troop coming in for a landing.
Here's a video of the pyrotechnics.  All the spectators can feel the heat.

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