Monday, October 13, 2014

Serpent Mound

The viewing platform.
Jasper and I visited my mom in Ohio.  She took Jasper to see the mysterious Serpent Mound.  From the sky, the outline of a large, coiled serpent can be seen.  The oldest radio carbon dating seems to place the original construction at around the 4th century BC, but there is no consensus on exactly which Native American culture may have constructed it, or what its meaning may have been. In this day and age, we seem to expect that there should be answers to everything, but archaeology has its limits and is a destructive process that is not always welcome, particularly at Native American sites. We were free to gaze and imagine.   There is a viewing platform that allows visitors to see much of it at once.  Nature trails surround the park.
Looking towards the serpent's head.
Jasper and his Grandma.
The coils of the serpent's tail.
Jasper shows his Grandma one of his discoveries.
Pawpaws had fallen from the trees.
Jasper was not familiar with cicadas and thought they looked really cool.

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