Sunday, November 9, 2014

Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock State Park is justly famous as one of the most beautiful spots in Texas, so Jasper's daddy wanted to be sure to show it to him on our trip.  Enchanted Rock features a huge pink granite dome of rock which rises up above the Texas hill country.  The view from the top is spectacular in all directions.  There is also a large flock of turkey vultures which roosts near the summit.  It is pretty intimidating to be climbing up the steep slope, panting, only to look up to see many turkey vultures circling overhead.  I had to wonder if my climbing was making me look so pathetically out of shape that they assumed I was about to furnish a meal for them!  On one side of the dome, there is a pile of boulders which forms "caves" that are fun to explore.  We often see prickly pear pads and fruit at our local Mexican markets, and I occasionally make a yummy sorbet from the fruit.  Jasper was really excited to see prickly pear cactus bearing fruit growing everywhere!  We thought that a trip to Texas in the fall would be ideal because the weather would be cool and pleasant.  Instead it was actually pretty hot.  We arrived at Enchanted Rock at the best possible time, in the late afternoon as it began to cool, and watched the sunset at the top.
Prickly pears. 
Jasper loved the ball moss we often found growing on live oaks.  They are a kind of air fern.
Turkey vultures.
Turkey vulture.
Turkey vultures.
The "caves".

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