Friday, November 28, 2014

Setting the Salmon Free

Setting them free.
The Tillamook Forest Center gets 500 salmon eggs in the fall from the Trask River Hatchery.  They put the eggs in a large aquarium in their visitor center, where they can be seen hatching and growing. There are often fun programs going on there that provide a good excuse to drop by and visit them. When the salmon are deemed big enough, they are released.  Families come for a free educational program where the life cycle of the salmon is described in detail.  Then everyone heads down to the river, where salmon are scooped into Dixie cups and given out for gentle release. We really love this event.  Salmon have such an important role in the natural and human history of the Pacific Northwest. There are lots of wonderful books on the subject, but chances to see them spawn and releasing the fry are the experiences that really connect kids with salmon.  
The Wilson River from the Visitor Center bridge.
Jasper is such a Portland boy- he's always really excited to see ice!

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