Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Activities for Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers know that there are perhaps thousands of activities available for their kids.  Most are after school hours or on weekends.  But which ones take place during the school day and are specifically for homeschoolers?  Here's a list- see their websites to find what's currently available. Also be sure to check out local Facebook and Yahoo groups for homeschoolers where parents often coordinate activities.  If you find a class in what your children are most interested in learning, but it isn't offered as a homeschool class, it might be worthwhile to ask if the instructor can teach it if you help find other interested families to enroll.  I've also given this list its own page here for future reference.

Please comment if you know of others your kids have loved!

Homeschool Book Clubs at Fairview-Columbia and Sellwood-Moreland Libraries:
Ledding Library Homeschool Activities:
Mt. Scott Homeschool Skate:
Nerf War and Airsoft: (privately organized; see Hip List for announcements and RSVP info).
Oaks Park Homeschool Skate:
Skate Word Gresham Homeschool Skate:

East Portland Community Center:
Multnomah Arts Center:
Northwest Children's Theater:
Northwest Fencing:
Oregon Children's Theater:
Oregon Homeschool Science Club:
Peninsula Park Community Center:
Portland Child Art:
Revolution Parkour:
Saturday Academy:
SHARC Homeschool Swim Lessons
Vibe of Portland:
Village Free School:

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