Saturday, December 13, 2014


I've been on a mission lately to find interesting art to experience with Jasper.  He's well past the age when he'd likely just want to touch it, and into an age when he can contemplate it and notice. It's a rare and wonderful thing when I find a show that is sure to be unlike anything he's ever seen before and totally approachable.  We went to Lewis and Clark College to see Dana Lynn Louis' show "Clearing" and were delightfully surprised.  The artist does not attempt to tell you all her intentions and ideas, she simply lets you have your own experience and find your own meaning.  Light, translucence, transparency, shadow and reflection are all primary elements in the work. Shadows and reflections connect the pieces to each other. Mica, a mineral which forms in brittle, thin, translucent and fireproof sheets,  is used in many pieces.  One room contained a bowl with instructions to think about something you might like to clear, write it on a slip of paper, place it in an envelope and seal it.  Each envelope had a small window through which a round piece of mica inscribed with the word "clearing" could be seen.  In a special ceremony, she burned all the envelopes, leaving only the mica circles.  One piece hangs from the ceiling and incorporates many small brass bells.  Jasper was thrilled to discover that as visitors walk beside it, all the bells ring.

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