Sunday, December 14, 2014

Illumination #1

Part of a vibrant Chinatown.
Portland animator Rose Bond created a site-specific installation more than a decade ago for the Portland Seamen's Bethel Building on the northwest corner of NW 3rd Ave. and Davis St.  It's back again and we jumped at a chance to see it.  Jasper really loved it and wanted to watch it over and over.  Screens in the second floor windows on both sides of the building are used to project the animation in a 12 minute loop, so it looks as if you are seeing what is happening inside the building. Speakers bring viewers the sounds of the scenes they are watching.  Each scene depicts some aspect of 120 years of the history of this particular building, and with it the history of the city itself.  If you find yourself in Old Town between 6PM and 8PM tonight or December 19, 20, or 21, be sure to check it out!
A family reunion.
Fortune tellers.
The building was derelict.  Pigeons fly through the animation and roost inside.

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