Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bridal Veil

I was surprised to discover that we've never visited Bridal Veil Falls.  Maybe because it's a little too easy!  Generally we drive to the Gorge in search of a hike, and Bridal Veil Falls is more of a stroll. We decided this was perfect for a winter day when we wanted to see something beautiful but were feeling wimpy about being outside.  The scenic overlook at Bridal Veil Falls is also well known as a place to see camas flowers in bloom in the spring.  First we stopped to see the Bridal Veil Post Office, where local couples have a tradition of mailing their wedding invitations for the romantic postmark.  Next we checked out the falls themselves, which Jasper declared to be among the loveliest in the Pacific Northwest.  (I'm not so sure...there's certainly a lot of competition for that title!)

Bridal Veil Post Office. It even has a Little Free Library next to it (the yellow cabinet). 
The view from the scenic overlook.

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exploreportlandnature said...

We checked this one out last summer, among other falls. Nice hike to so with a 2 year old: