Saturday, February 14, 2015

Oaks Bottom

We went for a short ramble and amphibian appreciation at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and found spring busy springing. At the tadpole pond, we found that the chorus frogs were making their presence known loud and clear.  They were completely invisible in the tall grass of the pond.  But for such small creatures they have powerful voices!  It's an essential annual ritual to marvel at their music.  I made a short video to capture their sound.  We also searched for salamanders, and were overwhelmed to find so many in a short span of time.  Salamanders like it damp, so the Pacific Northwest is perfect for them.  And Oaks Bottom is a great place to find them.  (Be sure to treat these delicate creatures with care.)

Long toed salamander.
The center line on the paved trail inspires street art alterations.
Red-backed salamander.
Red-backed salamander.
Wooly worm. 
A group of red backed salamanders.
This red-backed salamander had lost its tail.  It's a rough world!
Red-backed salamander.
Mollusk eggs (snail or slug?).
Long-toed salamanders.
Red-backed salamander.

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Mama Gone Green said...

You sure did find a lot! Oaks Bottom is one of my favorite close places, for that very reason. I love to go when the tadpoles are born!