Saturday, March 14, 2015

Elk Rock Garden

Elk Rock Garden is dazzling in the springtime and is not to be missed! It's just a few miles from downtown Lake Oswego and Tryon Creek State Park, but remains a hidden gem. This estate was given to the Episcopal Archdiocese of Portland on the stipulation that the gardens be open to the public. But it's not at all like a public park. There are no pubic bathrooms, and it's no place for a picnic or a game on the lawn.  Kids under 16 are required to be supervised at all times, so they can't explore on their own. And the parking lot is quite small, with street parking prohibited.  But the gardens are simply divine, and in the spring when the camellias, magnolias, rhododendrons and dozens of other spring flowers are blooming it's irresistible! We glimpsed some of the garden's thousands of rough-skinned newts embracing under the water.  Soon they will be easy to find in all the garden's ponds.  

View of the Willamette River and Mt. Hood from the garden.

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