Wednesday, March 25, 2015


We have been making an annual tradition of celebrating Holi with our homeschool group.  Holi is a spring festival in India, when people of all walks of life toss colored powder on each other and splash each other with colored water.  It's tremendously fun! Why do they do this? There are several stories of deities, demons and the triumph of good over evil that are said to be the the origin of this celebration, but I'm not sure that throwing colored powder has any more to do with these stories than the story of the birth of Christ has to do with Christmas trees.  It's mainly a joyous expression of the beauty of spring! The past two years, we've made our own Holi powder.  We start with 50 lbs. of cornstarch from Bob's Red Mill, mix in water and powdered food coloring from Blake's Decorette Shop, and dry the resulting mixture. Then we turn it back into a powder in a food processor. This year, we decided it would make our busy lives way easier to purchase it, and the Krishna Temple  in Salt Lake City came to the rescue. The colors were gorgeous! And we had perfect weather for our celebration.  Here are some pictures, most of which were taken by my dear husband who tried (without success) to stay out of the chaos. If you'd love to give it a try, check out the public Holi festival taking place on March 28 at the Washington County Fairgrounds:

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