Friday, March 27, 2015

Taylor Electric Supply

After a visit to nearby OMSI, we wanted to stop by the "graffiti temple". It's otherwise known as the ruins of  Taylor Electric Supply on SE 3rd Ave. and Market St. We were curious how much has changed since our last visit. There was definitely new art to see, and some old favorites to admire in the light of a bright sunny day.  We hope to stop by whenever we an before the building is finally torn down. We also borrowed "Infamy" from the library, a documentary about graffiti featuring prominent artists from around the USA and their families, as well as a "buffer" (a person who cleans or paints over graffiti).  You can watch it in its entirety here:  I can't say I recommend it for families because they do use some pretty nasty language (which isn't too surprising, given the subject matter). And it doesn't gloss over the danger and the obsessive nature of graffiti artists who defy common sense to make their mark. But it's an excellent film.  We learned that there are three broad categories of graffiti which form a hierarchy. There are "tags", which are stylish signatures in a single color, executed quickly and usually pretty small.  There are "throw ups"which are also signatures or logos designed for speed.  But they are usually larger and two-color, with an outline color and a fill color. And there are "pieces" (short for "masterpiece"), which are the most complex works in multiple colors.  On this visit, we saw a few new works on paper that were attached to the walls like posters.  But even though many of them were new and the weather's been fairly dry, they were already peeling.  Of course all of this art is pretty temporary!

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