Friday, April 17, 2015

Camassia Natural Area

Camassia Natural Area is at its peak of beauty right now, with stunning wildflower displays.  With a beautiful day in the forecast, I decided we had to go!  We invited our homeschool group to join us, and we were delighted to share this lovely spot with a bunch of families that had never visited before. "It's like a little piece of Eden!" one mom remarked.  Yes!  It's one of the best places to see camas flowers in bloom.  The bulbs were an important staple of the Native American diet in this region. It's also a must to visit if you're studying the Missoula Floods, because there is graphic evidence of the effects of the floods to be seen here. There are many glacial erratic boulders carried here from as far away as Canada, floated on ice rafts or pushed by the epic currents. Beautiful Pacific madrones and Oregon white oaks grace the landscape. The park is small enough for a quick visit but lovely enough to find many reasons to linger.  
Camas flowers.
Blue-eyed Mary.
Rosy plectritis.
Blue-eyed Mary.
Trout lily.
Wood violet.
Camas flowers.
Sheep sorrel.

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