Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cooper Mountain

We went on a ramble recently at Cooper Mountain Nature Park to see what spring wildflowers were blooming there.  We did not see some of our favorites yet so we will have to return.  But we did see hound's tongue, lovely blue flowers we haven't seen elsewhere.  Much of the nature park is oak savanna maintained with controlled burns, much as the Native Americans would have done.  When European diseases drastically reduced their populations, oak savannas began to disappear as well, and the native plants adapted to them disappeared too.  So Cooper Mountain is a good place for unusual wildlfowers.  But it gets quite hot in the summer, so we try to visit mainly in the spring and fall.

Hound's tongue.
Common chickweed.
Western spring beauty.
Oregon grape with a visitor.
Flowering red currant. 
Wood violet.
Wild cucumber.
Oregon iris.
Hound's tongue.
Saskatoon (?).

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