Monday, April 13, 2015

Mill Pond Park in Vernonia

After seeing some pictures of the Oregon-American Lumber Company's fuel bunker at Vernonia's Mill Pond Park, I knew we had to explore it. The walls still stand, but the roof is long gone and trees reach up towards the sky.  It's a peaceful and solitary place to linger and enjoy the colorful graffiti. It is easy to find the park, and easy to miss signs that advise there is a small parking fee. 
Female redwing blackbird by the old mill pond.
Male redwing blackbird.
The outside of the fuel bunker from the front.

An old sign on the back of the building says "Keep Out", but oddly nothing warns visitors away
from the front entrance.  
Another abandoned structure.


Roberta said...

Wow, what an interesting juxtaposition between the old and the new in these photos. Very beautiful.

Mama Gone Green said...

Wow! This is one I will have to check out, thanks!