Tuesday, May 12, 2015


As I always say, we are hopelessly uncool in Portland without chickens.  What can we do? Chicken ownership is just not in the cards for us anytime soon.  Rather than suffer in our desperately un-hip state, we have occasionally taken it upon ourselves to rent baby chicks!  This works out well for us. We can keep them for about a week and the novelty definitely won't wear off.  They can stay in Jasper's room and he won't suffer too much from temporarily banishing his beloved cat who can climb ladders to sleep next to him in his loft bed.  He can play with the chicks to his heart's content. We all get to enjoy the adorable little peeping sounds they make. And it can work out very well for the farmer if we take good care of them and help to socialize them. We have rented them in the past from the always amazing Brenda of Brenda's Heirloom Hens in Battle Ground. This time we got to rent them much closer to home from lovely Alyssa, unschooling mom and owner of Get Hatched PDX. We rented "serama" chicks. Seramas are the world's smallest chicken! Why breed teeny chickens, you ask?  As pets, of course! They utterly enchanted us. Care is easy. They need to mainly stay in a box with a heat lamp to prevent them from being chilled.  They need fresh water and chick feed. They periodically need to have their box lining changed. And of course they need love. Easy peasy! (I promise taking care of them does not resemble the I Love Lucy episode in which she gets chicks.)  If you'd like to rent some too, my advice is to ask Alyssa about her waiting list ASAP! 

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