Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cooper Mountain

We joined friends for a ramble at Cooper Mountain Nature Park and found some beautiful blooms. This is a lovely oasis in Beaverton, but can get pretty toasty when it's hot outside.  We avoided the heat by starting fairly early and we were rather glad we did! 
Male western bluebird.
Oregon iris.
Chocolate lily.
Hound's tongue.  This was the only bloom left that we found!
Trout lily.
Wild cucumber.
And now for a photo of a lovely "silvery blue" butterly...resting on scat!  Turns out this is something many butterflies like to eat. Noooo! 
Jasper eye to eye with a little garter snake.
Such a cutie!
Aquatic snail eggs that Jasper found on some submerged bark.
Rough skinned newts were frisking around in the water of the pond.
Blue eyed Mary.
Chocolate lilies.
Striped coralroot.
Star-flowered false Solomon's seal.
White crowned sparrow.

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