Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hug Point

We had never been to Hug Point, and decided that a minus tide made a perfect time to explore.  Hug Point is just south of Cannon Beach and very convenient for Portland visitors traveling via Hwy 26. There are many beautiful sea caves, an old roadbed carved into the rock for stagecoaches long ago,  a waterfall and a few small tidepools. The only sad thing was that we saw no sea stars at all.  Not a single one.  Sea star wasting disease has likely wiped them all out. Hug Point is another jewel on Oregon's dramatic coast.  If you watch the tides, it's a wonderful place for kids to investigate. 

Black oystercatcher.
Goose neck barnacles.
This is actually the old roadbed.
There were thousands of marine isopods on the damp cave walls.
There were bazillions of these tiny creatures in a saltwater puddle.  I expect they must be a type of beach hopper or sand flea.
Mystery "skull".


Jaimn said...

Thank you for sharing this post, as always. I followed the link about "wasting sea stars" and read about their terrible decline. I found a some great identification guides too - downloads including "Juvenile sea star identification" pdf. Thank you for sharing!

Heather said...

The "things" in the saltwater puddle and that you are holding look like sand crabs to me. Although, we usually find them buried in the sand & not just hanging out in a puddle of water.