Friday, June 5, 2015

Museum of Glass

The Museum of Glass in Tacoma is rad!  Just about always you can watch glassblowers at work making mind-blowing stuff in the hot shop, from the comfort of stadium seating. They have cameras and microphones to explain exactly what they are doing.  They generally have interesting temporary exhibits.  And they have an ongoing exhibit called "Kids Design Glass" that just rocks!  They invite kids to submit their drawings. They choose some to make into three dimensional glass sculptures. And the results are stunning!  

This contrasted nicely with a Chihuly exhibit also on display.  Dale Chihuly, in case you don't already know, is the pirate son of Tacoma who has really put glass art in the spotlight.  He creates huge, colorful, spectacular (and mind bogglingly tacky) glass art that pushes the boundaries of what glassblowers can do.  Or not. Actually he's blind in one eye and hires other people who are highly skilled artists in their own right create stuff using his doodles as starting points.  These doodles were the basis of the exhibit. From which it rapidly becomes apparent that the Museum of Glass staff, with the children's drawings on hand, have the far superior starting points for their work.  "Kids Design Glass" pieces are always the best things in the museum. Every piece has a card showing the original drawings (rendered perfectly in glass) and most have a quote from the child artist. Here are some pictures of some of our favorites.  

"La Nuit Des Douphins" designed by Lilou Duranton (10 1/2).  
"Polka-Dotted Strange Creature" designed by Tessa Rose Higginson (age 9).  "The Polka-Dotted Strange Creature"  (with no name) is an elephant with some of my favorite colors that has black polka-dots."
"Foot Woman" designed by Lyric Rice (age 6).  "People kick her. She kicks other things."
"Mustache Man" designed by Dylan Almy (age 8).  "Mustache Man likes to ask lots of questions."
"Sewage Combo" designed by Alex Baldinelli (age 10).  "Sewage Combo is a bunch of exotic trash from Sweden and France combined to make a horrible abomination. This creature feeds on sewage water and small bits of rat hair.  His large green arm is used to pick up the rats and his squiggly lined leg is to share the hair of the rat."
"Neon Green One Eyed Cyclops Pickle" designed by Jacob Schauer (age 12).
"Cyborg 652" designed by Karl Berner (age 9).  "The eye can see through walls.  It can move to speeds up to 1,000 mph.  The scales protect it.  Its top eye can also shoot a laser."
"Donut Ninja"designed by Colby Rentas (age 12).  "Donut Ninja is part of the elite Pink Frosting Ninjas that I made up."
"Sockness Monster" designed by Hannah Wilson (age 11) has been incorporated into a new diorama by four high school students. As if it wasn't awesome enough already!
"The Design of Colors" designed by Addyson Beecher (age 4).  "A cloud, a sun, another cloud, a rainbow, grass and a robot."
A photo on display showing the care and attention of the creation of "The Design of Colors".
"Galloping Garden Giraffe"designed by Annika Severson (age 6).  "There once was a giraffe.  He was higher than the sky.  He started galloping and you could hear the click of his hooves."
"Dude, You Just Blew My Mind", designed by Jaiden Greco-Peterson (age 9).  "His mind is blown."

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