Saturday, June 6, 2015

Rare Plant Research

Rare Plant Research is a nursery specializing in very hard to find plants from around the world. The couple who own the nursery live next to it in a very special home that they  modeled after a church in Spain, Sant Climent de TaĆ¼ll, consecrated in 1123AD. The effect of finding this edifice in the midst of farmland surrounding Oregon City is like walking onto a movie set. They surrounded their home with wine grapes and produce wine under the label Villa Catalina Cellars.  While the nursery has an open house just once a year, they do offer wine tastings in a courtyard of their home more frequently, and occasionally dinners paired with wine.  We came just to look.  I had learned about the open house last year just after it was over and was intrigued.  I know far more about wildflowers than nursery plants, but the variety of shapes and sizes was stunning.  Apparently Rare Plant Research is mainly a mail order business, and in the plant trade that requires extra trust from your customers.  Being able to select specimens themselves during the open house eliminates any nervousness customers might have about the quality of what they'll find when they open their packages, and the event proved to be super popular.  
Killdeer in the garden.
I think these fancy ducks are both domestic.  The one in front looks like a Muskovy.
Kalamata olive.

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