Tuesday, June 23, 2015


We had a fun trip to Seattle.  Jasper got to experience his first big concert when we caught A. R. Rahman's world tour before he left the US.  A. R. Rahman is one of the world's most famous composers, but unless you love Bollywood, you've probably never heard of him.  Here's one of his all time greatest hits (click on the CC for English subtitles).  

A. R. Rahman (left) and his drummer play music simply by moving their arms in the air while wearing
bands over their palms.  It's a new experimental electronic instrument.
We just had to stop and see Seattle's Haunted Coke Machine!  No one has ever seen anyone fill it...yet there it is! Just 75¢ and a cold soda is yours!  But you must have coins.  And all the flavors are "Mystery", so you must have faith in the spirit realm to select the flavor you are fated to receive!  In Jasper's case, that was a 7Up, which was just fine with him.  In my husband's case, that was a Mountain Dew Voltage, which he immediately offered to a passerby, who declined but said "I don't blame you, man."  And in my case, it was a Mountain Dew LiveWire. I greeted this with a solemn acceptance of my fate.  The spirits move in mysterious ways! All of these are Pepsi products, so go figure.  Jasper got a huge kick out of this.  The Haunted Coke Machine is at 918 E. John St. and it has its own Facebook Page.  
The Haunted Coke Machine!
Next we were drawn to OBAMA, the Official Bad Art Museum of Art!  It's otherwise known as the dining room of Cafe Racer.  We were hoping for something of the superior quality of MOBA of Boston, a place very close to our hearts when we lived there.  We were pleased to find that the curatorial level of this Seattle institution is clearly just as sophisticated, although MOBA goes a step further by assigning titles and pithy descriptions to otherwise mostly anonymous and untitled art. 
The mousetrap in this one is a stroke of genius. 
This was one of the only works with detailed info.  "Gray Man's View" by Craig Boykin, 1970.
On loan from the collection of Danny Eskenazi.  Definitely my favorite.

Something about this painting made my husband wonder if someone had actually paid for it to be painted. Scary.
Don't miss the shadow! This painting reminds me a of a fellow new mom I met years ago, married to a child
psychologist, who always used to say "Who knows what we are doing now that they shall
need therapy for later?"  She was a real barrel full of monkeys!
Jasper's favorite. Obviously.
We also stopped by the Kubota Garden, a formal Japanese garden.  It was hot.  Not much was in bloom.  But it was pretty. 

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