Tuesday, July 28, 2015

World War 2

Ft. Stevens State Park is famous for its many summer public events with living history soldier reenactors.  We went to see their annual World War II event.  Apparently the promised American, British, German and Russian reenactors are not all part of the same club, because there was no sign of either the Russians or the Germans and no one we asked had a clue why they weren't there.  But the American and British folks were there in force. They had a fully equipped hospital tent, officer headquarters and even a small private's tent, as well as many displays of historic artifacts. Ft. Stevens itself was in use from the Civil War through World War II, and much of the fort is there to explore. There were no battle reenactments. I asked some of the reenactors why the Civil War seems to attract so much more enthusiasm, despite the fact that World War II has living veterans, much more documented history and much more available authentic memorabilia.  They seemed just as mystified, declaring this period in history to  be downright fascinating!

A glimpse inside a locked room in the mysterious Battery 245.

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