Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Seaside Aquarium

We stopped at the Seaside Aquarium with few expectations.  We were very pleasantly surprised!  It's a delightful little aquarium with amazingly much to offer in a small space.  Jasper ran over to me and exclaimed, "They have four octopuses!".  Indeed, what could be better? They have a large room filled with tanks full of marvelous creatures, and a small enclosure which is the public part of their harbor seal habitat. Visitors can feed the harbor seals small seafood snacks.  A large display shows a taxidermed 25 lb. lobster named Victor, once the beloved mascot of the aquarium until he was kidnapped and dropped in the ensuing chase. His shell cracked, he died a few days later, and the kidnapper was convicted and sentenced to probation and given an $800 fine to cover the taxidermist's bill.  Newspaper articles explain the sad story.   Many of their best attractions are tiny. Which is so appropriate, because there is no place like the Oregon coast to demonstrate that taking your time and looking closely leads to discoveries. 

Sea clown nudibranch.
Opalescent nudibranch.
Swimming scallops.
Sea gooseberry.
Olive snails.
White sea cucumbers.
Mole crab.
Moon jellyfish polyps.
Atlantic lobster.  A plaque explains that attempts have been made to establish them on the west coast, which have largely
failed.  But every once in a while one is caught here.
Skin-breathing sea cucumber.
Brittle stars.
Touch pool.

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