Friday, August 14, 2015


For two weekends every summer, something amazing happens.  Antique Powerland, a collection of museums devoted to many different types of antique technology, hosts its annual Steam-Up.  In addition to the wonders of each museum, enthusiasts of old machines of just about every kind come to camp out and exhibit their wonders.  The air thrums with the sounds of engines and there are marvels as far as the eye can see. There is always a parade, lead proudly by steam powered tractors. A steam engine churns ice cream which is just as etherial as freshly churned ice cream should be. We wandered around happily, took the trolley and enjoyed our favorite museum, the Oregon Electric Railway Museum with a guided tour.

For you Momma! xxxooo
From one of 5 trams from Brussels now in the Oregon Electric Railway Museum.
The last trolley to run in Portland.
Portland Electric Power interurban car #1067.
Hong Kong Tramways double decker car.
Steam powered ice cream!
Jasper gives his cone a big thumbs up!
I loved this wonderful antique washing machine!

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