Thursday, September 24, 2015

Albany Bulb

The Albany Bulb is a park which protrudes into San Francisco Bay from the City of Albany.  It was created as a landfill from construction debris and is chock full of big concrete lumps and rebar. Filling in the Bay causes nasty environmental damage, so at some point all work here was prematurely halted, the Bulb was kind of left in a limbo and it became a public park. Now the wait seems to be slooooowly ending for restoration work to begin. It's very popular because it has amazing views of the Bay and it is covered with trails lined with lovely (if mostly invasive) wildflowers. In a very urban area, it's access to fresh air and a little nature. It is famously covered with street art.  Mostly we found spray paint graffiti murals, stencil art, and some mosaic. There are lots and lots of faces, so after a while it's easy to start to feel like you are in the midst of a very strange crowd!

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