Sunday, September 20, 2015


If you've not been to San Francisco, I can give you one really good reason to go: The Exploratorium. It's a completely hands-on science museum that engages all the senses.  A day spent there exploring is easily as inspiring as a school year's worth of hands-on experiments at home. And none of the exhibits are just kids' stuff. It was one of my most favorite places in San Francisco long before we had a kid. We had not visited since they moved to their new location on Pier 15.  It's a stunning space and the exhibits all look fresh, even the old favorites.  They even have a cafe that's actually pretty good, so you never have to leave.  

A knob lets you change the color you're immersed in, to let you
explore how it affects your mood.
Knobs let you adjust the height and width of a skeleton image, so you can see what yours looks like.
Iron filings + and magnets = magic.
Water drop strobe photography!
Giant bubbles.
A window into the studio where they fabricate their exhibits.

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