Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pacific Pinball Museum

Banana Split at Tucker's.
Jasper and I got to tag along on my husband's business trip to San Francisco.  We headed into the Bay Area one evening and went straight to...Alameda!  Because Alameda is awesome.  First we had dinner at the one and only Lithuanian restaurant on the entire west coast, Mama Papa Lithuania. Wow!  We love Lithuanian food, which like other Eastern European cuisine features familiar ingredients cooked in wonderfully different ways.  Then we hit the Pacific Pinball Museum, which has about 100 classic pinball games going back to some of the very first.  You pay admission and then you can play all of them for as long as you want, or until they close, whichever comes first! Cards above each game give its year, manufacturer, designer and artist, and tell something unique about each one. This was Jasper's most favorite place we visited on the entire trip and we had to come back again.  After many hours of fun, we had one more stop before calling it a night at Tucker's Ice Cream, a beautiful old fashioned ice cream parlor that gets everything right. 

Now that Jasper is officially hooked on pinball, where can you play it in Portland?  Just so happens that there is a "Pinball Map" of the USA that will advise you where there are pinball machines and exactly which machines they are, and Portland is included. How cool is that?  
"Ballyhoo" from Bally Manufacturing, 1932.
"Baffle Ball" by Gottlieb, 1931, "the first commercially successful pinball machine" which "started the pinball craze".
You might wonder, as I did, what on earth the artwork has to do with the name of this game?  Apparently it was a version of a game called "Pioneer", created to celebrate both the Bicentennial and New York City's legalization of pinball.
We gave "Scuba" the award for "best sounds"!  
"Buckaroo" was the game played in the film "Tommy".
"Theatre of Magic" got our vote for best pinball game of all time!

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