Monday, September 7, 2015

Seaport Celebration

 Every year the Port of Portland opens its doors to the public for the Seaport Celebration.  We went out of our way this year to be sure we were there.  It was definitely worth it!  Along with delicious food cart offerings, giveaways galore and live kids' music, kids were given a chance to try welding! Jasper thought this was really fun.  Gunderson, manufacturers of seriously impressive ocean going barges, was there to provide free demos.
We also got to climb inside a fire boat and learn how they respond to distress calls.

Next we checked out a jetboat tour of the port from the water.  Wow!  We had never been in a jetboat before.  We are definitely more likely to be found paddling in a canoe.  But life in the fast lane is seriously fun!  Our guide alternated dry, statistical facts about the various industries located along the water with fast 360º turns and other crazy stunts.  Of course I assumed that Jasper had absorbed none of the information, but afterwards when I mentioned this he was outraged and recited quite a few pieces of port trivia he'd picked up on the tour.  Who knew?  Maybe we need to do math on a jetboat! As always, the view from the water offers a totally different perspective.
Osprey with nest.
Railroad bridge.
St. Johns Bridge.

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