Thursday, October 22, 2015

Davis Graveyard

We love the Davis Graveyard!  No, it's not an especially atmospheric cemetery, it's a completely over the top Halloween display in a yard in Milwaukie.  The homeowners and friends create it as a labor of love.  In order to support this expensive hobby, they sell some decorations and also teach classes for others who would like to create their own displays.  The nighttime display is amazing, with several projected ghosts and lots of spooky sound and lighting effects.  Occasionally youth theater groups come to act the part of zombies and stage dramas inside the gates.  Times are listed on their website.  There are also usually real, spooky old hearses parked outside.  We visited during the day for a change during their annual open house.  It was still plenty spooky, we got to see behind the scenes and saw many more details than we'd usually notice in the dark.  
This foam board was set up to demo how they create their tombstones, which really look as if they are carved from real stone.
I believe this motorized gentleman is the "gravedigger".
"Here lies Dobby, A Free Elf."
Houdini monument.  Houdini has a special connection to Halloween.  He was very close to his mom, and after she died he tried very hard to find a medium who could let him communicate with her spirit.  He kept finding only bitter disappointment, because as a showman himself he could see through phonies. He practically made a second career of exposing false mediums. He died on Halloween, after promising his wife he would send her a message from the beyond if it were at all possible.  She held séances every year for 10 years with no results, and they are still done in his honor today by societies of professional magicians.  
"In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming", an homage to Lovecraft.

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