Sunday, October 25, 2015

Grumpy Cat!

Jasper really loves Grumpy Cat!  She gained international fame and fortune as an internet meme, which continues to be her main avenue of communication with her bazillions of fans.  Her face appears with various silly and decidedly grouchy sayings.  She really tickles Jasper's funny bone. When I learned she was making an appearance at Powell's in Beaverton, I knew he had to meet her!  To my chagrin, there were several fairly educational things happening that day, but we wantonly discarded them for our chance to see Grumpy Cat. I'm glad I ignored my case of "mom guilt" because Jasper had a blast!  He even ended up in Grumpy Cat's Twitter feed!  

Powell's announcement of this event said that photo opportunities with Grumpy Cat would be limited to the first 500 people, and purchase of her newest book, "No-It-All", was required. They typically only do this with superstar level famous people, such as ex-President Jimmy Carter.  I had no clue how this would work.  Powell's in Beaverton does not have anything like a cavernous space which would easily hold 500 people.  I spoke to store employees several times ahead of the event to inquire about the process, with little luck.  Most of the details of how this would work were only revealed on the day of the event.  We were told that ordering an advance copy of the book and requesting pickup at the store where Grumpy Cat was to appear was advisable.  But when we arrived, there were naturally tons of copies of the book right in the front of the store.  So although it didn't hurt, I don't know if reserving a copy ever makes any difference.  We got there maybe 15 minutes after the store opened on the day of her appearance, and after picking up our book we requested a ticket to the event.  I had been told a ticket would only guarantee that we would be allowed to get in line, but it turned out that it guaranteed a specific spot.  We were #29.  Powell's employees discouraged patrons from milling around near the event area, instead asking them to check out the rest of the store and listen for when their number would be called over their PA system.  We were called in groups of ten, surrendered our tickets and waited for our moment with Grumpy herself.  I had to hand over my camera to have Jasper's photo taken with Grumpy.  Petting was expressly forbidden.  But when Jasper interpreted this as a great time to scowl, in the spirit of her message of grumpiness, they were kind enough to take another in which he sort of smiled.  Then to his immense joy, they took one more for Twitter, in which he looks pretty manic and she looks utterly bored! Both the Grumpy Cat staff and Powell's employees were quite professional and courteous, and the whole thing was remarkably efficient.  

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