Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Portland Mini Maker Faire

The Portland Mini Maker Faire is always worth checking out.  Jasper always has a wonderful time and finds much that is engaging and inspiring. I must admit I always wince when I hear the term "maker".  I believe our language defines our thinking in ways we often don't find obvious, and more specific words enable us to have more complex ideas.  The Maker Faire seems to embrace all things even mildly creative, things which surely only the most desperately uncreative person could conceivably lump together (cheese makers?  outdoor skill practitioners? historically inaccurate pirate reenactors?).  I just don't get it- why would we want a general term that would imply they're all doing the same sort of thing?  But every year, the exhibitors that really steal the show are the ones putting new technology to playful and sometimes groundbreaking new uses.  Afterwards we walked across Trimet's new Tilikum Crossing bridge, which was inspiring in its own right.
A robot that could solve a scrambled Rubik's cube in minutes.
"Sue", a T-rex bicycle and kinetic sculpture. 
Oregon relief map in corrugated cardboard.
Cyma Space had amazing instruments that translate music into light, color and movement.

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