Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Jasper tried Centipede on an old Atari home system.  The groovy retro living room furnishings were icing on the cake!
Jasper has decided that he really loves pinball machines, so we definitely wanted to check out the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.  It's a real convention with speakers, panels, and lots of cool vendors, but the star attraction is the arcade.  For the price of admission, you get access to about 150 games set on free play, many from private collections.  There were pinball machines galore, and lots of old cabinet video games with that very basic animation which left most everything to your imagination. We had a blast!  Jasper was excited to get a chance to try all sorts of games he'd never seen before, and I was excited to try some of the arcade games from my youth that I never played before, because I saved my quarters for my favorites.  It was neat to share my favorite game Frogger with Jasper. You have to navigate your frog across first a highway stuffed with cars and then a raging river where the frog must hop on top of logs and rows of swimming turtles. Jasper thought it was hysterical when his froggy would get hit by a car!  (And I wondered for the very first time why the poor frog drowns if it lands in the river.  Why on earth would an animal that breathes underwater drown?)  
Jasper was so excited to find his favorite pinball game, Theatre of Magic.
Detail from "America's Most Haunted", a brand new pinball game from a new American company!
Pac Man!!!
"Attack from Mars"!
This pinball game is all about how playing it will make you go from being a scrawny nerd to being a buff, muscular chick magnet!  I swear I'm not making this up.

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