Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jackson Bottom Wetlands

Tualatin river.
We went for a ramble at Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve.  We noticed a bunch of new tiny ponds have been dug near the visitor center, which are sure to be the kinds of vernal pools Pacific chorus frogs love in the spring. Wetlands are usually a great place to check out in the late fall and winter because they are magnets for interesting migratory waterfowl. We were surprised to find Jackson Bottom seemed even drier than the last time we visited, in late summer. The water level in the river was higher, but not the wetlands themselves. But Jasper felt that catching an especially beautiful garter snake more than made up for it.  Things will surely improve there for the birds as the rains return in earnest this winter. 
Rose hips.
The dry "wetlands".
Chicory and snowberries.
Witch's butter.

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