Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nella Chestnut Farm

We met Jasper's aunt and uncle at Nella Chestnut Farm in Hood River for the annual Chestnut Festival.  Hood River is famous for its fruit orchards, especially apples and pears.  In the late fall, even after the fruit is gone, the Hood River orchards are quite lovely. And the chestnuts provide an excuse to head out to Hood River even in November.  All weekend they operate a chestnut roaster, and you can come sample this heavenly snack, purchase chestnuts, and try placing a freshly roasted and peeled chestnut in a glass of red wine from Hood River Vinyards.  The festival, wine and chestnuts are free.  Fresh unroasted chestnuts can be purchased by the pound. I'm always finding gorgeous fall leaves and bringing them home, but autumn leaves are so ephemeral. Chestnuts let the taste and scent of autumn linger a little longer.

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