Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Let Go My Lego

Looks like this is the original Castle set from 1978!
The small but excellent Washington County Museum has a small but excellent temporary exhibit called "Let Go My Lego" created by PortLUG (the Portland Lego User's Group).  It's on view until January 30. We visited and got in free with the Washington County Library's Cultural Pass.  (If you don't live in Washington County, you may still be eligible for a free library card. They are available to a surprisingly wide range of Washington County neighbors.) Here are a few of our favorites from the show.

"Lighthouse" by Erik Mattson.
"Beetles" by Jason Ruff.
Detail from "Beetles" by Jason Ruff.
Detail from "Giant Bugs" by Jason Ruff.
"Mech Love Not War" by Blair Archer.

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