Monday, December 14, 2015

More Seattle Fun

We timed our visit to Seattle so we wouldn't miss a neat exhibit at the Bryan Ohno Gallery  of fine art Lego photography.  They exhibited one earlier this year and soon discovered that as far as anyone knows, that was the first one ever.  They featured the work of four artists from Denmark, Sweden, England and Seattle.  It was surprisingly nice work. The Lego subjects made these evocative works delightful and accessible.  Jasper liked an image of a Storm Trooper folding a paper airplane, which is a favorite activity of his. Mr. Ohno struck up a conversation with him and kindly gave him some paper to make his own airplane.  
"I Robot, No Words Necessary" by Shelly Corbett.
"The Dark Knight" by Boris Vanrillaer.

According to Jasper, no visit to Seattle is worthwhile without a stop at the Haunted Coke Machine to learn what the spirits have decreed to be your fated beverage, be it fair or despicably foul. The machine can be found outside of 918 E. John St., legend says that no living human has ever been spotted stocking it, and all the buttons say "?MYSTERY?".  This time, his beverage turned out to be a Nestea raspberry iced tea, the mere suggestion of which Jasper found deeply revolting.  I had never met an iced tea I didn't like, so I agreed to swap him for a Mountain Dew, despite the fact that it really went against my better judgment to do so. (Actually, I suppose it would have gone against my better judgment to consume the Mountain Dew myself.)  Well, let's just say that now I have met an iced tea I don't like...yeeech!!!  My husband snagged a Cherry Pepsi (yes, from a Coke machine!) but wasn't really in the mood for it.  I guess we're just easily amused!

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