Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ornament Making at Live Laugh Love

Last year, Jasper got a chance to try glassblowing at Live Laugh Love Studio in Tigard, courtesy of a group event created by the always amazing Kim Railey. (Kim runs a small business putting together field trips specifically for homeschoolers in the Portland and Vancouver area, helping to support her own homeschooling family with the minimal setup fees she charges.) Jasper really enjoyed the experience,  and we all enjoyed having a lovely new ornament he'd made himself, so I definitely wanted to make it an annual tradition. When you walk in, you find yourself in a gift shop filled with eye popping glass art for sale.  You can select from the colors and color mixes on display, and decide the shape and texture of your ornament.  Jasper chose "candy cane", a mixture of red and white colors.  His instructor let him watch up close and help with several key steps in the creation of his ornament, explaining the entire process thoroughly.  The ornaments are cooled slowly in a kiln, which prevents them from shattering from the thermal shock of cooling too quickly.  We returned to pick up his ornament a few days later.
Colors to choose from.
Rolling the hot glass gathered on the blowpipe over the colored glass chips. 
The pigment is melted into the glass.
Blowing the bubble inside the ornament.
Separating the ornament from the blowpipe.
A small bit of glass is added and shaped into a loop for hanging the ornament.
Jasper's finished ornament!

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