Friday, March 25, 2016

Cooper Mountain

Cooper Mountain Nature Park is a gorgeous place for a ramble, especially in the fall, and spring when the wildflowers bloom (soon!). Controlled burns happen regularly in order to maintain the oak savannah which provides habitat for Oregon white oak, Pacific madrone trees, and several unusual wildflowers.  We are always drawn to the tadpole pond, a vernal pool which dries up completely in the summer.  Filling a jar with a little water reveals a microcosm of tiny critters.  
Oil beetles.
Tadpole pond.
Copepod (red) and daphnia.  They are both crustaceans.
A scud, another crustacean.
Copepod with eggs.
A couple of fun listening tubes are set up within the park.


txjanet said...

Do you mind if we ask what you used to magnify the critters? They look so clear! Is it something just for taking pictures or something kids can use? Thanks!

Laura Lucanidae said...

A Brock Microscope, which we love!