Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jewell Meadows

Each winter, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife feed Roosevelt elk at Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area.  By feeding them, they keep them on public land where they will be protected from hunters and they protect farmers' fields from the elk.  When the herds grow large, they occasionally relocate elk to places where their numbers are dwindling.  The public is invited to come help feed the elk December through February on special weekend excursions.  Spots on these trips are free with a $10 parking permit, but they are usually booked for the season within hours. We consider ourselves lucky that we were able to get spots to see these magnificent animals up close.  The elk herds separate into two groups, with females and juveniles in one group and adult males in the other.  The females numbered greater, but the males with their huge antlers were very impressive.

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