Wednesday, March 23, 2016

North Logan Natural Area

We went on a guided walk at North Logan Natural Area, which is variously described as located in Boring, Damascus and Estacada. Metro is going to great lengths to restore side channels in the Clackamas River there. They are seeking to provide salmon with shady, cool areas where logs placed in the water create shelter and both fast and slow current that salmon eggs and fry require. There is great hope that this will soon be a terrific place to spot spawning salmon. Before Metro purchased the land, neighbors had long enjoyed walking through it, and they still do.  The park is neither officially closed to the public nor developed for recreation. You can park by the side of Baker's Ferry Rd. just across from the intersection of Eaden Rd. and walk in, as long as there isn't construction taking place. Of course if salmon are present, you shouldn't enter the streams. But this summer it should be a lovely place to wade, look for creek critters and keep cool.

Plant stem with gall.  Insects inject hormones into a plant, causing it to
form a gall, where the insect then lays her eggs. Photo by Jasper.
The larva inside the gall.  Photo by Jasper.
Stacks of logs await placement in the side channel restoration project.
Black-capped chickadee.
Mysterious slime mold.
Witch's butter fungus.

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