Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Our homeschool group had our 4th annual Holi festival to welcome spring!  Holi is celebrated in India, and much like Christmas trees have little relevance to the Nativity, throwing colored powder at each other has little obvious relevance to the Hindu traditions associated with the holiday. But spring definitely is the perfect time for a celebration of color! Holi has become fairly secular, and its obvious visual appeal in Bollywood movies is helping the tradition to spread across the Indian nation. We attended a public festival and thought it would be way more fun to celebrate with friends.  I couldn't find powder at a good price, so we made our own with cornstarch and powdered food coloring.  Since then, the popularity of "color runs" in America has helped bring the price of imported powder down and it's become easy to find online.   It's traditional to dress in white for the occasion, and advisable to expect the colors may not wash out.  It's a blast!  The kids finished the festivities with an epic water battle.  

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