Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lyle Cherry Orchard

Lyle Cherry Orchard is considered one of the best spots for wildflower gazing in the Columbia River Gorge.  We went there to see what all the fuss is about.  The hike begins with a steep climb, then levels out to eventually arrive at the site of what once was a cherry orchard.  We found only two remaining cherry trees, both very ancient but still bearing spring blooms.  We also found stunning wildflowers and spectacular views.  
Popcorn flower.
Meadow death camas.  I have never seen it growing in such profusion before.
Pacific waterleaf.
Bicolor cluster lily.
Rocky mountain butterweed?
Chocolate lily.
One of the ancient cherry trees.
The other ancient cherry tree.
Praire star.
Steller's jay. There were many of them at the site of the orchard, dashing from tree to tree.
Bales of fencing left near the orchard site.
Rocky mountain butterweed?
Shooting star.
Bicolor cluster lily.
Two-colored lupine.
Death camas.
Threadleaf phacelia.
Western wallflower.

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