Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Memaloose Hills

Memaloose Hills is a perfect spot for wandering in search of wildflowers.  The narrow trail meandering over gently rolling hills and tiny streams is really picturesque.  If there is any particular sun-loving wildflower you are hoping to see, you will probably see huge clusters.  We generally roam with no particular goal other than soaking in the beauty, rest for a while on a log, and return the way we came. There are also wonderful views here if you wander far enough and find yourself at the top of a hill.  And if you pause for any length of time you are likely to see little lizards zipping about on the trees and logs.  

Praire star.
Desert parsley.
The Memaloose Overlook.
Naked broomrape.  This plant has no chlorophyll; instead of making food
from sunlight, it sucks nutrients from the roots of other plants.
A vampire among plants!
Grass widow.
Columbia desert parsley.
Shooting star.
Chocolate lily.
Pacific waterleaf.
Chocolate lily.
Naked broomrape.
Wild cucumber.
Big headed clover.
Popcorn flower.
Blue eyed Mary.
Fence lizard.
Indian paintbrush.

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